Snow in Springtime

Snow in the SpringSnow is probably one of my favorite things on earth. No matter how cold, sales no matter how windy, no matter the amount, I love snow. This morning I woke up to the sounds of… silence. My heart started to patter and the corners of my mouth began to turn upward – I knew it was snowing before even looking outside.

With sweaty, anticipatory palms, I jumped out of bed and threw open the blinds. Snow! Beautiful, big flakes covered the ground and the rooftops in our neighborhood. Tree branches drooped heavily with the weight of the freshly fallen beauty.

The perma-smile on my face and skip in my step brought me into the kitchen, where I promptly made some coffee and poured over the pages of numerous cookbooks. This was a perfect morning…

How can something so ordinary (in reality) be so extraordinary to me? I guess it’s because snow, to me, represents peace, hope and new life. I look at it as a “washing away” of negativity, worry, baggage from the past, anxiety. So, instantly, I feel inspired to create, to do, to be.

What’s your snow? What inspires you or calms you down when nothing else will?

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