Good Friday

Emily and mom

All smiles: My mother and me on my wedding day

When I was little, drug until about age 10, seek my mom would create a “nest” of pillows and blankets on the floor for me when we’d have family time. I’d settle in to watch a movie with the family on these treasured nights and felt so special because I was the only one who got The Nest. Everyone else got the couch or comfy chairs – the usual stuff. But, medications being the youngest, I got VIP treatment – you know how that goes. (Now I know this was because no one wanted the floor!)

So, why am I reminded of this on Good Friday? Because every year of my childhood (that I can remember), my mom and I would watch Ben-Hur for Easter and I would lie in The Nest and try my hardest to stay awake until the end of the movie… but to no avail. (This is a very long movie, by the way.) Inevitably, I would fall asleep halfway through the film, never finding a resolution and waiting until the following year to try again.

I have since seen Ben-Hur in its entirety and love it dearly, but that’s mostly because of the memories that go along with it. I’m hoping that amidst the wonderful chaos of my family’s Easter shindig that my mom and I can find time to snuggle up together and watch our special movie. (Maybe she’ll even make me The Nest!)

With our busy schedules and fast-paced lives, it’s difficult to “make time” for those who matter most to you. But this weekend, slow down and focus on the things closest to your heart and remember why you’re here. Happy Easter!


  1. I love that smile :) Twas the best weekend ever!

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