Thank Goodness for Leftovers

Normally, clinic after a busy day I love to come home and lose myself in a new recipe. It’s like therapy to chop vegetables, look feel fresh herbs between my fingertips and nibble on each ingredient being added to the dish. But then there are the days that just drag on and on, advice drain you of energy (no matter how much caffeine you ingest) and feel like a good ole kick in the pants. This was one of those days…

Nothing out of the ordinary happened (which might be why the day felt so long) and nothing negative to note. But I just wanted to go home, put on comfy clothes and indulge in some comfort food – and leftovers are just that. Now, I’m not one of those inventive home cooks who turn their leftovers into something totally different (like turning last night’s hamburgers into a gourmet breakfast with a fancy sauce and two sides – it’s like magic!). Nope, I tend to hit reheat on the microwave and repeat last night’s dinner exactly. But I’m okay with that, and, as a Virgo, I find consistency and stability quite comforting.

So, I thank my lucky stars tonight for leftovers, allowing me to be a little lazy and take a little extra time for myself.

What’s your stance on leftovers? Do you avoid them like the plague (apparently, some people are morally opposed to eating leftovers), reheat and serve (like me), or repurpose altogether (more power to you!)?



  1. Katherine says:

    I’m not 100% thrilled about leftovers of any sort…UNLESS it’s fajitas! For some reason they always taste better the second day! :) Loved this post! Xoxo!

  2. emily says:

    I agree! Fajitas are sooo good on day two! And now I want to go home and make some… Ha!

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