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Logo beet…And welcome to a little bit about me. Typically, it’s not much fun to read a blog about food, music, technology or whatever your fancy if there isn’t a person behind the words. In my opinion, there should be an emotional response or connection, and I figure, hey, life is a learning experience, so why not lay it all out there.

Getting to know the woman behind this blog, bit by bit:

  • I live in a small mountain town with my husband (Rick), my cat (Dolce) and my dog (Linus).
  • I am a communications specialist/copy editor by day and a musician (violin), aspiring chef and struggling farmer by night.
  • My favorite food in the world is a doughnut. (That’s probably because I have such fond memories of getting them on Saturday mornings with my dad – doughnuts and baseball cards, even though I didn’t know a lick about baseball!).
  • When I wear big sunglasses while driving, I feel like no one can see me when I sing at the top of my lungs and car dance. (Or maybe I just don’t care that people can see me… hmmm…)
  • I always carry a red pen. (It must be the editor in me.)
  • I truly believe trees know things. (I’m a Virgo – Earth element – so I guess that makes sense.)
  • I use nutmeg as often as possible.
  • I am incredibly shy.
  • I love folk/bluegrass music a little too much.
  • I want to own a farm someday with sheep, chickens and a huge vegetable garden.

Thanks for joining me on this journey – hopefully, there will be plenty of laughs, ah-ha’s and useful information along the way!

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