Chilled Strawberry-Avocado Soup

Chilled Strawberry-Avocado Soup“Honey, online what are you thinking about?” asked my dear and loving husband. I was sitting at the kitchen table, staring at a big, beautiful bowl of strawberries. “Strawberries,” I said with a smile. “It’s amazing to me how this one little fruit can bring me so much joy.” And I wasn’t kidding…

Strawberries are my favorite fruit. Apparently, they always have been, even before I was born. My mom says I would celebrate every time she ate strawberries, kicking like crazy and doing my own little happy dance. I still feel that way about this wonder fruit today. There’s just nothing like it.

Biting into a strawberry is like acing a test. There is a sense of satisfaction, excitement and happiness as the juice from that berry drips into your mouth and coats your tongue. Rolling the rough seeds between your fingers as your teeth find the perfect bite is the most satisfying feeling because you know what you’re about to do (devour it, obviously).

I probably go through a pint or two of strawberries every week (maybe more… no judgment), so I’m always thinking of ways to use them – especially during the summer. Here is a sweet and savory Chilled Strawberry-Avocado Soup that’s perfect for a summer appetizer or even a great addition to a light summer lunch.


Chilled Strawberry-Avocado SoupChilled Strawberry-Avocado Soup

(Dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian)

Makes 4-6 servings

1 pint strawberries

1 avocado

½ seedless cucumber, chopped

Juice of 2 limes

2/3 cup Honey Simple Syrup (equal parts honey and water, brought to a boil, then cooled)

5-7 small basil leaves

Pinch of salt

Hull the strawberries and toss them into a food processor. Blend until they’re smooth. Then add the avocado, cucumber, lime juice, honey simple syrup and basil. Blend again, until smooth. Add a pinch of salt, give the food processor another whirl and give the soup a taste. (I recommend tasting the flavor as you add the ingredients. I like the strawberry flavor to be the most prominent, but you may prefer the refreshing cucumber. Play with it!)

When the soup is flavored to your liking, pour it into a clean bowl and chill it in the refrigerator for two hours or overnight. (The basil will add more flavor the longer the soup is chilled.) Serve and enjoy!

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