Top 10: Kitchen Tools

There are few things in life that you truly need. Food, abortion clothing, health shelter, love and laughter – that will pretty much get you through anything. The kitchen is the same way – few things you need, but a lot of things that will make playing in your kitchen much easier.

Do yourself a favor and invest in these kitchen items. Some of them are simple, some are expensive, but all are totally worth it!

10. Stand mixer

When I bought my stand mixer, I thought I would still use my hand mixer more often than this gorgeous countertop jewel. I was totally wrong. My hand mixer hasn’t seen the light of day since I brought home its older and wiser sister.

9. Immersion blender

I don’t make a lot of soups, but this is a wonderful tool for those that do. It is also great for pureeing fruits and veggies, baby food, etc. I actually use mine to froth milk for a weekend latte – it works really well!

8. Kitchen scissors

This one doesn’t need too much explanation – good kitchen scissors are great for cutting chicken, snipping herbs, etc. Love them.

7. Food processor

This is another “stand mixer incident” where I thought I wouldn’t use it, but it is shiny and beautiful and everyone uses it, so I must get it! And it’s another incident in which I was horribly mistaken. I use this for chopping, blending, making bread/biscuit dough and more. It is so versatile! If your gadget came with an instruction or idea manual, read it. You will be surprised by how much this one gadget can do.

6. Plethora of silicone spatulas

Whether you’re baking or making scrambled eggs, silicone spatulas come in very handy. They won’t scratch your pots and pans and they come in pretty much any size or color. (I know, that’s a little superficial, but I like colorful food and colorful kitchen tools!)

5. Good set of knives

I cannot live without my Wustof knives. Seriously. My 10-inch chef’s knife was actually my first “big” kitchen purchase right out of college. I cherish my knives. I implore you to go out and get yourself a good set of knives – they are safer, they make your life easier in the kitchen and let’s face it, they are gorgeous!

4. Quality, big cutting boards

With a good set of knives comes an addiction to chopping veggies, fruits, meats – anything really. (That’s what happened to me, at least!) And with so much chopping, it is important to get cutting boards that won’t damage your knives… or drive you crazy. Have you ever tried to use a 10-inch chef’s knife on a small cutting board? Yeah, it’s not fun. Get a couple of big cutting boards to make your workspace easier to use and get them in a material that’s easier on your knives. (Just remember, it is always a good idea to have one board for meats and one for everything else.)

3. Dutch oven

This little beauty is the perfect size for just about any meal… at least in my world. You see, I was born to a Southern mother. When people said they were “stopping by” or “coming for a visit” my mother made enough food for the entire neighborhood. And our family holiday celebrations are obscene what with a minimum of 20 different dishes. I love it. It makes us who we are. So, believe me, you can pretty much make anything in a dutch oven!

2. Super-absorbent kitchen towels – and a lot of them!

I am a mess in the kitchen. I try to clean as I go, but man, I can’t seem to cook or bake without getting the ingredients everywhere. My countertops are a war zone and the only refuge is my endless supply of kitchen towels to stop the bleeding. I have stopped trying to find cute, patterned towels and have switched to utility towels that I can throw in the washer and bleach. Plus, it saves on paper towels!

1. My dog…

I always need my sweet, little (big!) companion by my feet! He keeps me company and reminds me to take a moment to enjoy the simple things in life. He’s such a loyal taste tester of my recipes… especially when messy me drops a little something on the floor.


My kitchen companion, Linus McGee

And you?

What is your must-have kitchen tool?


  1. Okay, I use an immersion blender for soups AND a regular blender for smoothies, dressings and sauces. I also love my toaster oven to roast small amounts of veggies, potatoes and sometimes bake emergency cookies from my secret stash of frozen cookie dough!

    • emily says:

      Ooooooooo! A toaster oven! That’s a great one – I’m sure my husband is appalled that the toaster oven didn’t make my list… He uses it on a daily basis. :) (And surprisingly, I had no idea you could make small batches of cookies in it… I guess it IS an oven, after all! Ha!)

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